2016 – 2017 CTF National Bylaws

CTF Strategic Plan Presentation 2016 Annual Meeting

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  • Local Bylaws Template
  • Provincial Bylaws Template
  • Local & Provincial Policy Manual Template
  • National Policy Manual Template


2016 Update

CTF Database

The CTF Online Registration Software is now in its third season and now includes the addition of Provincial Association view only access to the software as well as 35 hours of programming updates that will address a number of concerns voiced by our local association managers. Moving the Address and Phone Contact information to the main bowler screen and the addition of auto-populating the league when the Payment Transaction is completed will speed up entries. Gender selection now includes Boy & Girl provides accuracy for the Gender Reports. The ORS is designed around a one stop database platform for all our federation needs.


First, CTF cannot use the term “member” to identify an individual bowler, as we now have “membership classes” in the bylaws. Only “members” of these classes can attend our Annual Meeting. The membership classes are as follows:
(a) Association Member – An Association Member is a local or provincial association.
(b) Director Member – Are the elected directors on the CTF Board.
(c) Athlete Council Member – Is an individual elected to CTF’s Athletes’ Council.
When referring to individual bowlers, CTF will use the term “registered participant” or “registered bowler”. As well, the term “membership dues” is now “registration fees”.
Under the bylaws, CTF’s Annual Meeting must be within 6 months of the date of the fiscal year end. In the past.
A new policy will be put in place that in order for associations to be eligible to send delegates to the November meeting, 30% of the previous season’s registrations must be paid for on or before November 1st of the year of the meeting.

Bylaw Ammendment

Section C. Terms

The terms of Directors are determined according to the following provisions:

  1. Each Director elected by the Members serves a three (3) year term and may be re‐elected to an unlimited number of terms
  2. Appointed Directors serve one‐year terms and do not have a maximum number of terms;
  3. Multiple‐year terms are staggered according to procedures established by the CTF Board;
  4. When a Director resigns from the CTF Board or fills a vacancy, and has served more than half of a term, that Director is considered to have served a full term; and
  5. Multiple terms may be served either consecutively or intermittently

Playing Rules Changes

Average Adjustments (Rerating)
Rule 319c

The average of a bowler may be adjusted upward before participation in any event. If the assigned average is not accepted by the bowler, the entry fee shall be refunded. Unless the tournament rules state otherwise, in a handicap or classified tournament, a bowler who has had his/her average adjusted/rerated in accordance with this rule is required to report all previous assigned/rerates, whether the bowler accepted the adjustment/rerate or not, at the time of bowling.

The following information must be submitted prior to participation for possible average adjustment/rerate:
1. the name of each tournament in which an average adjustment/rerate was assigned;
2. the adjusted/rerated average
Failure to comply with these provisions is cause for a forfeiture of entry fees and prize winnings.

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